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BET365受邀参加2021中国制造业出海趋势大会暨华东数字外贸峰会,在今年的“两会”政府工作报告中, 发展跨境电商等新业态新模式被习近平主席着重提到。经历疫情的挑战,中国外贸逆势翻盘,只有中国成为了全球正增长的经济体。本次会议主要涉及后疫情新格局下的经济形势与外贸趋势几何?疫情给海外市场带来了哪些切实发生的变化?

Acrel has the honour to be invited in meeting 2021 “CHINA MANUFACTURE EXPORT TREND CONFERENCE & EAST CHINA DIGITAL FOREIGN TRADE LEADERSHIP SUMMIT” In 2021 National People's Congress(NPC) and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference(CPPCC) government work report, the development of cross-border e-commerce and other new formats and new models were highlighted by Chairman Xi Jinping. After the challenge of the epidemic, China's foreign trade turned upside down and became the only growing economy in the world. This meeting mainly involves the economic situation and foreign trade trend under the new pattern of post-epidemic situation? What are the real changes that the epidemic has brought to overseas markets?
大会重磅大咖: 龙永图、金灿荣、郭杰瑞、就全球趋势等进行深度分享, 11名华东2020年“造风者”优商分别以制造业复苏、品牌出海等进行主题研讨。
The conference special Guest : long Yongtu, Jin Canrong, Jerry Kowal, on the global trend and carries on the deep sharing ,11 East China 2020 "windmaker" the superior business carries on the theme discussion separately with the manufacturing industry recovery, the brand goes to sea and so on.
Main Venue: Suzhou
Long Yongtu: China's WTO accession chief negotiator, Former Vice Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation
Yang Zhiping:Deputy Mayor of Suzhou Municipal People's Government
Jin Canrong: Vice Dean, School of International Studies, RENMIN UNIVERSITY of CHINA
郭杰瑞Jerry Kowal: 美国网络视频自媒体作者
 Jerry Kowal:Author of U.S. Web Video from Media
At the summit, Long Yongtu, China's chief negotiator on WTO accession, pointed out that whether economic globalization will reverse in recent years has attracted much attention. In his view, economic globalization will not reverse in terms of the driving force of economic globalization, the carrier of globalization, or the form of its realization, but will show a series of new trends. After the COVID-19 , the United States was still the first matching country and the largest buyer in the global economic market. At the same time, China's huge domestic market also attracted the investment attention of American entrepreneurs. Sino-US economic and trade relations will also gradually change from confrontation to competitive cooperation.
Acrel Electric attaches great importance to the development of global markets, vigorously expand foreign trade. Special establishment of the United States official website, promote our corporate spirit and product manufacturing. Acrel as a high-tech enterprise integrates R&D, production, sales and services, for the global market layout, will always adhere to the "innovation, unity, integrity" concept, in the development way of cross-border e-commerce "potential" unstoppable ! 
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