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Application of DC energy meter in Photovoltaic battery project in Italy

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Abstract: With more and more global energy demand, and under the premise of advocating environmental protection, solar photovoltaic power generation will definitely occupy a major position in the world energy consumption in the 21st century. This paper mainly introduces the application of Acrel DC energy meter in a solar panel company in Italy.Acrel DJSF1352-RN DC energy meter is mainly used for measuring and monitoring of DC signal equipment such as batteries on the DC side of the PV project.


1.项目概述 Project Overview

本项目为意大利光伏行业蓄电池监测的应用,主要使用了我司的直流电能表DJSF1352-RN,直流电压传感器ACTDS-DV和分流器, 用于1300V蓄电池的监测计量。

This project is for the application of battery monitoring in Italian photovoltaic industry, mainly using our companys DC energy meter DJSF1352-RN, DC voltage sensor ACTDS-DV and shunt to monitor and measure 1300V battery.


2.直流电能表产品介绍Introduction of DC Energy Meter Product


Acrel DC energy meter DJSF1352-RN is designed for DC screen, solar power supply, telecom base station, charging pile and other applications. This series of meters can measure voltage, current, power, forward and reverse energy in DC system.Can be used for local display, and can be connected with industrial control equipment, computer, measurement and control system.At the same time, it has a variety of peripheral interface functions for users to choose: RS 485 communication interface, modbus-RTU protocol;With relay alarm output, switching input/output.According to different requirements, through the meters panel buttons, to set and control the ratio, communication.

3.模型描述Model Description


4. 技术参数Technical Parameters




5. 接线 Wiring


Wiring with Shunt


6.应用场景 Application



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